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A Mental Health Counselor engages in the practice of mental health counseling. And if you're interested in their services, check out the Alpha Omega Clinic. A counselor is someone who can help people in managing stress and issues with low self-esteem as well as ideas of substance abuse and addiction. If you want their services? Contact them at (301) 767-1733

Psychotherapists - Alpha Omega Clinic

Contact our psychotherapists to find healing from any mental illness. Psychotherapists treat people with emotional difficulties and mental diseases with talk therapy or related techniques. Take a look at the image above to schedule an appointment. Contact soon!  

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  Get rid of mental illness or disorder at Alpha Omega Clinic. Alpha Omega Clinic has expert depression therapist s to provide the best treatment to their patients. Contact soon!

Mental Health Counselor - Alpha Omega Clinic

Let's get connected with a mental health counselor to get rid of mental illnesses or disorders and the related issues to mental health.  Whether you are suffering from distress, such as relationship problems or bereavement, or cognitive, behavioral, and emotional aspects of mental health, Alpha Omega Clinic has a professional mental health counselor who can help the one to overcome such issues. You can contact them to schedule an appointment or call at 301-767-1733.

Mental Health Psychologists - Alpha Omega Clinic

A mental health psychologist is trained to identify and treat mental health and emotional issues that may be affecting a person's life. They provide psychotherapy with the aim of challenging and fundamentally changing the emotions and, subsequently, the behavior associated with ongoing mental health concerns. Mental health psychologists are needed to guide patients through diagnosis and treatment and help them get a better understanding of their problems and how to deal with their condition. So if one is facing face such issues related to mental health they must soon get in touch with a mental health psychologist. To get in touch with an expert or  mental health psychologist  with any query you can call (301) 767-1733

All About Psycho Educational Assessments - Alpha Omega Clinic

Psycho-Educational Assessment: - Examining how an individual is developing in terms of the psychological processes that underpin learning (e.g., language processing, phonological processing, fine-motor/graphomotor processing, executive functioning, visual-spatial processing, processing speed, and working memory); their acquisition of academic skills in reading, writing, and math; and their social/emotional and behavioral functioning are all part of the  Psycho-Educational Assessment  (e.g., attention and concentration, depression, anxiety). These evaluations are done with children, adolescents, and adults to assist in the identification of underlying difficulties (e.g., Learning Disabilities, ADHD, related disorders) that may be affecting their academic/work, social, and/or general psychological well-being. At Alpha Omega Clinic , our approach is to: Find Understanding, Build Confidence, and Maximize Potential. Through the psycho-educational assessment process, our team strives to ass